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How do you list your property to be considered for filming?

Have you ever wondered where they film all those TV Commercials?

You see the guy and dog in a garage? Who's house is THAT?

Those houses are yours!

We have a location library available to clients. It contains options for just about any type of location for filming. We frequently update the files as new locations become available. Aside from houses we also have a variety of locations to choose from such as Highways and Bridges to remote Forest Lands.

The Production Company that chooses your home will offer compensation and issue a Certificate of Insurance along with a Location Agreement.

We take care of all the permits.

Please fill out our contact page if you are interested in hosting a film shoot at your house, farm, business or slice of paradise.

We would love to discuss it with you.

Check out the spot here.

Don't miss a thing.

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